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By Bobby Henggeler aged 10


Day 1 Day 4   Square Building   Animal tracks
Day 2   Day 5   Boab Tree  
Day 3   Round Building   Yards   Glossary

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Day 1

We set of through the gorge. Saw a little bushtucker. Then went to Chamberlain River. Discovered some Aboriginal stone flakes. There was no quarry.
We crossed the Chamberlain, then climbed the Eltee cliffs. Found some discarded Aboriginal tools. I walked ahead to Starvation Damp.
Cleaned up to burn around camp. We camped there the night.


The Salmond country side

The Salmond country side
Day 2

Got up early. Walked along the ridge (3 km) Cut inward to airstrip. Found a small quarry site next to t lagoon. Found airstrip (we burnt all the way) then we went through the gap in the cliffs.
Saw on of our camps at Barra Creek. Followed Barra Creek and found two engraved Boab trees.
Headed wround the slope. Found lithics' Came to the flat, where we plan to build an airstrip. Missed Afghan ruins by ½ km.
Slept the night near Salmond River.


The overview of the ruins
The overview of the ruins
Day 3

Started off early.
Cut in to Gouldian Finch country. Backtracked to the Salmond River and followed the river south. There was a very big quarry site with beautiful Aboriginal stone tools. Basically made of quartzite.
We went on to a tree with wire on it.
Round building and engraved boabs
Round building and engraved boabs
Posts in round building
Posts in round building
We found yards, bottles, pots and crowbars.
There was a big boab tree covered with signatures.
Went to the round building. Inspected it, then I walked up to the square building.
Overview of round building and boabs
Overview of round building and boabs

Found some glass tools worked by Aboriginals.

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Clear Glass with

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Handheld blade or steep
edged scraper (bilateral).

.... page12.jpg - 4036 Bytes
Beer bottle glass with line
bi-lateral scrapper or
hand held blade.
.... page11.jpg - 3734 Bytes
Blue glass with
corner unifacial scraper.

page14.jpg - 11914 Bytes We then walked over to another big quarry site. It was all made of quartzite. We round a road maybe dad's or Mr Camp's.
Cut inward towards cliffs, followed cliffs to Starvation Camp. Camped the night.
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We walked on along Barra Creek, collected blood apples. Went to an engraved boab tree and recorded it.


Day 4

Spent all day at Starvation Camp, recording Afghan relics Did some burning. Collected leaves for bed. Camped the night.


Day 5

Set off early down Elgee Cliffs. Saw a death adder. Admired a huge boab tree. Crossed Chamberlain. Met Dad with food. Walked back home through gorge.
Walked back home through gorge.

Round Building.

Half of the round ruin was gone. The door entrance was placed west so we thought it might be a place of worship, as the Afghans are Muslim. The round building was only 10 metres away from the water which I thought was strange as the Afghans usually settle away from the water.


Square Building.

Perched on hill. The walls are well done and all still intact, but the roof is gone.


Boab Tree

Engraved and there were nails and wire and even a bullet shell in it.



Made of wood with holes drilled into them and some wire. Probably used for donkeys or and camels.


Animal tracks.

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Quarry. Place where stone is dug from surface of the earth.
Lithics. Stone worked by early man (Aboriginal).
Ruin. Destroyed Buildings.
Hominid. Modern man.