Caring for the Kimberley


K.S. Research on Kachana.

Kimberley Specialists became involved and committed to Kachana Pastoral Stations landcare and resource management programme in 1999. (For direct information on Kachana's 16 year landcare project see (

The initial strategy was-
1) To facilitate and encourage scientific research on Kachana Station, at both the broad 'data base' level and with research projects that could test the results of the various landcare and resource management strategies being practiced by Kachana Pastoral Company.
2) To put in place a tourism product that incorporated the natural and cultural resource management on Kachana Pastoral Station and extended the scientific research to produce a sustainable economic, environmental and cultural educational tourism product. It was also intended that the tourism product became a marketing tool for the promotion of research and the landcare management projects on Kachana.

Kimberley Specialists succeeded in facilitating and sponsoring a number of research projects on Kachana with the educational tourism product firmly in place by 2002.

A list of researchers presently involved and their direct contact details can be obtained from Kimberley Specialists.