Plant list for Kachana.

This list is by no means complete and will be added to on a continual basis

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Cocky Apple. a gap Family Barringtoniaceae. Planchonia careya.
Quinine tree.
Family Euphorbiaceae. Petalostigma pubescens.
Wild pear. Family Proteaceae. Persoonia falcata.
Pandanus Palm or Screw Palm. Family Pandanaceae. Pandanus spiealis.
Wild Peach or Billy goat plum. Family Combretaceae. Terminalia carpentaceae
Bendee tree. Family Combretaceae. Terminalia bursarina.
Largeleaf Kurrajong or Kimberley Rose or Desert Rose. Family Sterculiaceae. Sterculia tuberculata.
Emu Apple or candlestick tree? Family Meliaceae. Owenia verniceae.
Leichardt Pine. Family Rubiaceae. Nauclea orientalis.
Broadleaf paperbark. Family Myrtaceae. Melaleuca viridiflora.
Silver cadjeput or River Paperbark. Family Myrtaceae. Melaleuca argentea. Cesalpiniodeae).
Corkwood. Family Proteaceae. Hakea Loreae.
Common Hakea. Family Proteaceaw. Hakea arbonescens.
Stinkwood or Cooliman Tree or Helicoptor Tree or Shitwood. Family Hernandiaceae. Gyrocarpus americanus.
Beefwood. Family. Proteaceae. Grevillea striata.
Silky Grevillea or Kimberley Christmas Tree. Family Proteaceae. Grevillea pteridifolia.
Wild Gardenia or ??? Family Rubiaceae. Gardenia spp.
Stem-Friot fig or Cluster Fig. Family Moraceae. Ficus racemosa.
Sandpaper Fig. Family Moraceae. Ficus opposita.
Rock Fig or Large Leaf Rock Fig. Family Moraceae. Ficus Leucoreicha.
River Fig. Family Moraceae. Ficus coronulata.
Gutta-Percha Tree. Family Euphorbiaceae. Excoecaria parvifloia.
Silver Box or Silver-Leaf Box or Apple Box? Family Mytaceae. Eucalyptus pruinosa.
Twin Leaf Bloodwood. Family. Myrtaceae. Eucalyptus perfoliata.
Ghost Gum or White River Gum or Carbeen. Family Myrtaceae. Eucalyptus papuana.
Scraggy Cabbage Gum. Family Myrtaceae. Eucalyptus spp.
Tropical Red Box. Family Myrtaceae. Eucalyptus brachyandra.
Bats Wing Coral Tree or Cork Tree or Yulbah? Family Leguminosae (Papilionoideae).
Lemonwood or Dohwa? Family Bignoniaceae. Dolichandrone heterophylla.
White Cypress Pine or Northern Pine or Cypress Pine. Family Cupressaceae. Callitris columellaris.
Wild Mango. Family Anacardiaceae. Buchanania obovata.
Northern Kurrajong. Family Sterculiaceae. Brachydhiton diversifolius.
Boab Tree. Family Bombaceae. Adansonia gregorii.
Bramble Bush or Gundabluie Wattle or Prickly Acacia. Familiy Leguminosae (Mimossoideae). Acacia victoriae.
Elephant Ear Wattle. Family Leguminosae (Mimosoideae). Acacia dunnii).
Strychnine Bush. Family Loganiaceae. Strychnon lucida.
Dogwood or Bullbush. Family Euphorbiaceae. Securinega melanthesoides.
Northern Sandalwood or plumbush? or plumwood?. Family Santa,aceae. Santalum lanceolatum.
A Tea Tree. Family Myrtaceae. Melaleuca minutifloia.
Yellow Hibiscus or Native Hibiscus of Kimberley Hibiscus. Family Malvaceae. Hibix ux panduriformis.
Siverleaf Gravillea. Family Proteaceae. Grevillea refracta.
Caustic Bush. Family Proteaceae. Grevillea pyramidalis.
Rock Gravillea. Family Proteaceae. Grevillea heliosperma.
Prickly Gravillea or ???? Family Proteaceae. Grevillea spp. Aff. Anfulata.
Wild Cotton. Family Malvaceae. Gossypium australe.
Hop Bush. Family Sapindaceae. Dodonea oxyptera.
Chinese Lantern. Family. Leguminosae (mimosoideae) Dichrostachys spicata.
Kapok Tree or cotton tree. Family Cochlospermaceae. Cochlospermum fraseri.
Cassia. Family Leguminosae (caesalpinoideae).
Conkerberry. Family Apocynaceae. Carissa lanceolata.
Kimberley Heather or Heather Bush ot Turkey Bush or Mosquito Bush. Family Myrttaceae. Calythrix exstipulata.
Calotrope or Rubber Tree or Petroleum Bush or Kings Crown? Family Sdclepiadaceae. Calotropis procera.
Poverty Bush. Family. Leguminosae (Mimosoideae). Acacia translucens.
Soapbush or Candelabra Wattle. Family Leguminosae (Mimoxoiceae)
Mimosa Bush or Prickly Mimosa. Family. Leguminosae (Mimosoideae).
Elephant Ear Wattle. Family Leguminosae (Mimosiodeae).
Wild Passionfruit or Stinking Passionfruit? Family. Passifloraceae. Passiflora foetida.
Batchelor's Button or Haiery Gomphrene? Family Amaranthaceae. Gomphrena canescens.
Cloverleaf Rattlepod or Trefoil Rattlepod? Family Leguminosae (Papilionoideae).
New Holland Rattlepod or Wedge Leaf Rattlepop. Crotalaria novae-hollandiae.
Ustard Buzh or Tickleweed. Family Capparaceae. Cleome viscosa.
Kimberley Orchid or tree orchid.. Family. / Cymbidium canaliculatum.
Taru or Elephant Ears. Family ? Colocasia escdulenta.
Blood Apple or Nut Wood or Long Fruited Bloodwood. Corymbia. Polycarpa . Muell.
Kimberley Heath or Turkey Bush. Family ? Calytrix exstipulata DC.
Caoltropis r Rubber Tree pr Petroleum Tree. Family? Calotropis precera.

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