Faraway Bay Research.


Kimberley Specialists has facilitated and sponsored scientific research at Faraway Bay and in the general area since 1998. Kimberley Specialists researchers have also undertaken a number of archaeological field work trips with Aboriginal elder Ju Ju Wilson, recording and studying Aboriginal rock art. Consultation with Dollie Chienmera at Kalumburu, elder and spokesperson for the Kwini Language Group, traditional owner and spokesperson for the Faraway Bay area, has also ensured that Aboriginal peoples input and approval for research has been undertaken. Ju Ju Wilsons father and his family before him, were members of the Kwini Language Group and traditional owners of the area now described as Faraway Bay. Dolly has given Ju Ju permission to 'speak' for the Faraway Bay area on behalf of the research programme currently being undertaken by Kimberley Specialists.

Significant archaeological research by Kimberley Specialist archaeologist, Lee Scott-Virtue and Dean Goodgame has also been undertaken on the ancient Bradshaw pleistocene rock art images found in the general Faraway Bay area. Although this rock art is accredited to the input from the arrival of cultural groups from outside Australia, their significance to Aboriginal people should not be under-estimated. The interpretation of the rock art images suggests that the indigenous group in place at the time of the arrival of the artists responsible for the initial Bradshaw rock art were readily accepted by the 'owners' of the land, and were possibly gradually assimulated into the indigenous cultural language groups. Reseach by archaeologist, Lee Scott-Virtue of Kimberley Specialists, indicates that over time, there was an attempt by indigenous 'resident' artists to 'copy' and assimulate the art style and stories introduced by the Bradshaws painters.

Current scientific reports for Faraway Bay are available on the KS website, however, the research for Faraway is on-going committment by Kimberley Specialists.

Copies of these reports, a list of researchers presently involved and their direct contact details can be obtained from Kimberley Specialists