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As part of Kimberley Specialists on going support of the Kimberley we have now included on our website a Kimberley Bookstore where we highlight books written and published by local Authors.

Three books have been written by local Kununurra identity Norma Wainwright and one co-authored by her and Keith Wright.

Each of these books relate to The Kimberley! Australia’s East Kimberley and is an example of the real bush, isolated from all cities other than Darwin. The people who choose to live here take on the challenge of just surviving extreme weather,
hidden Reptiles (Crocodiles and Snakes) that are dangerous and can kill the unwary and lightning strikes during fierce storms.
Both Authors have witnessed at first hand the many hazards that make up the day to day living in this Last Frontier.

“With Rhyme and reason” is the personal story of an Australian family who have known the East Kimberley in all facets of adventure and extremes and who still willingly subject themselves to this lifestyle after more than five decades.

Price $20.00 plus postage


“My life in verse” relates in Rhyme some of the quirky thoughts and adventures of the Author during life in the Kimberley.

Such gems include The Bungarra in the long drop toilet, Wolf whistles are fine by me, The scourge of the silent fart and The Snake in the loo, plus many more.

Price $10.00 plus postage



“Kununurra – From Dreams to Reality” allows the reader a glimpse of how a new town grew from the damming of a mighty river and the difficulties in establishing, in just over six decades, what is now a thriving country town, still isolated and with the same dangers but with increasing growth in population.

Price $38.00 plus postage


A true man of the bush who has stamped his particular brand of Australianism over eight decades. Inducted into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in 2009 his is a story of dedication to living life to the full.

Price $28.00 plus postage

To order any of these books please contact Norma Wainwright on 08 91693150

or E-mail Norma at